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  We sell all kinds of textile slings,
  harnesses and accessories, wire rope
  slings, chain slings and hydraulic
  presses up to 1000 Tons.
  We develop with our client the right
  solution for each case, striving to serve
  with speed and quality all under
  competitive prices.
  For the standard solution that we
  keep in stock or the special order
  that we found for and together with
  the client we are flexible and fast in
  our service.

  Besides wire ropes for every end, wire
  rope slings, chains and chain slings,
  lifting and lashing textile systems,
  harnesses and accessories, we also
  supply a number of products and
  services, namely:
   • hand chain and electric hoists
   • ratchet load binders
   • dynamometer
   • balancers
   • pallet trucks and cranes
   • workshop cranes, stackers
   • lifting tables
   • lifting magnets
   • clamps (of all sorts)

   • trolleys
   • heavy-duty and stainless steel
   • shackles
   • wire-rope clips
   • thimbles
   • turnbuckles
   • sockets
   • pulleys and sheaves (of all sorts)
   • safety nets
   • bungee cords
   • textile slings and lashing
  We represent brands that are leaders
  in innovation and quality.
  All of our products are EC certified.


  We are proud to announce that
  certified company.
  This is another step in our path
  towards growth, aiming to best serve
  the ones who put their faith in our